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Getting Your Real Estate License

Are you ready to get your Real Estate License? Let us be the first to say Congratulations ~ That's fantastic news! You may have a lot of questions - how much does it cost to get a Real Estate License? Do I need to go to school to be a Real Estate Agent? Are there hidden fees? How long does it take to finish Real Estate courses in Ontario? Who's hiring Real Estate Agents and how much do they make?


Read on or give us a call at our main office 905-274-3434  We're happy to help you make informed decisions about your Real Estate Career.


Do I Need a License to be a Real Estate Agent?
Yes - Real estate agents must have a valid license in order to trade in real estate in Canada.

As educational and regulatory requirements vary by province, make sure you find out what is required in your province.

How Can I Become a Licensed Real Estate Agent in Ontario, Canada?

The quick answer? Register for the Real Estate program with Humber College. Courses are currently offered online (virtual), and most students complete their courses in one year or less.   When your courses are complete, you are able to interview with, and join a Brokerage that will help you register with the Real Estate Council of Ontario ( RECO ).


Steps to Becomming a Real Estate Salesperson in Ontario:


1. Successfully complete the courses through Humber College for Ontario

Humber College is now the new provider of the Real Estate Salesperson Program in Ontario. The program is delivered on behalf of the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO). The program is flexible and will be offered online and in locations across Ontario. You can apply and start your coursework at any point during the year, without the time commitment of a full-time, semester-based program. Get started with your first course today.



2.  Submit an application to your RECO, Ontario's licensing body, along with sponsorship from a licensed real estate brokerage (essentially an offer of employment).


3.  Maintain your license by completing additional courses as required by the province.

Some of the basic costs in becoming a real estate representative, in addition to your courses from Humber College, can vary from Brokerage to Brokerage but be prepared for at least the following:

- Reco License (application fee) Check with Reco for updated fees www.reco.on.ca

- Obtain Police Background Check Report

- Reco Insurance (check their website for updated insurance fees)



The total cost of insurance, including taxes and expenses, for the 2019-2020 policy period is $465.00

- Your Local Board Fee's if you plan to start working immediately. There are options of holding your license while you are getting ready to trade.  Not everyone is all set to go once they complete their course.   You can register with a brokerage that holds licenses, like Future Group Realty Services, and you are not required to immediately join a board. 


Sample:  Toronto Board Fee's -Annual Dues, Plus Initiation Fee for First Application, plus OREA Fee's - Call for the latest update on fee's

(Expect Treb Invoice to be approximately $1,000 plus initiation fee)


Other typical agent start-up costs in the industry:

1.  Business Cards

2.  Website Creation

3.  Buy Your Domain Name & Obtain Recognizable Email Address

4.  Signs

5.  Lock Boxes 

6.  Social Media Advertising Budget



Did you just finish your real estate course?   Call us to obtain a Free Business Plan Report to get started with confidence.

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